House Rules 

Very important:  this is a quiet, serene neighborhood and guests should not book who are unwilling to observe this.  

  • No smoking, no parties or events, dogs with prior written approval only, no outdoor music at any time, no loud noises.

  • The owner must be provided with a list of all travelers who will be staying on property within 48 hours of booking to book this home (“Traveler List”). It is the responsibility of the individual who books the reservation to timely provide the Traveler List to the owner.

  • A valid credit card must be provided at the time of booking, and will be kept on file and will be charged for any damage to the property, to cover damage or losses if any House Rules are violated, or for matters covered by the Liability Waiver and Agreement.

  • All travelers must review and agree to the Liability Waiver and Agreement. This must be completed one week prior to arrival. It is the responsibility of the individual who books the reservation to ensure that all Travelers timely review and agree to the Liability Waiver and Agreement. The owner has the right to refuse access to the property to any individual who is not on the Traveler List or who has not reviewed and agreed to the Liability Waiver and Agreement.

  • Occupancy is limited to 16 adults and an absolute maximum of 20 people on property at any time.

  • No Parties, Weddings or Events. Nothing even remotely resembling or sounding like a party is allowed here. We have extremely vigilant neighbors, and we have noise sensors as well as audio and video surveillance to ensure compliance with house and City of Denver rules. Please do not book if you expect to have this type of gathering.

  • No loud noise at any time.

  • Quiet Hours are from 9 p.m. until 7 a.m.

  • Pool Hours are from dawn until dusk. From dusk until dawn, no more than four people are allowed to be in the pool or hot tub.

  • The person who books the reservation must be at least 30 years of age.

  • There is absolutely no smoking of any substance inside the property. This includes tobacco, e-cigarettes, vaping, or marijuana. There is no use of open fire or flames on the property. This includes candles and incense, regardless of size or container. It is permissible to smoke outside.

  • There shall be no outdoor music of any kind at any time. Interior music must not be hearable from the street.

  • There shall be no loud, disrespectful, obscene, or vulgar behavior anywhere in, on, or about the property.

  • Please note surveillance and noise monitoring software is in use in the outside areas of the property at all times.

  • Proper bathing suit attire is required at pool area at all times. We strictly forbid large group (over 4 people) usage of the hot tub and pool area after dark.

  • Children are welcome. Please note: the house is NOT child-proofed, and there are multiple stairs and other hazards known and unknown.

  • We require guests to park in the driveway or garage in order to avoid clogging the street with extra cars for neighbors.

  • Liability waiver, neighborhood serenity agreement & pool rules must be signed electronically by each adult guest.